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Winter is upon us, bringing the wonders of Christmas, the celebration of a New Year, and, here in Middle Tennessee, TDOT's habit of salting the roads any time there's a hint of snow or frozen precipitation! Frequent washing (once a week) and vehicle polishing (once every 6 months) go a long way towards protecting your investment. Keeping your vehicle consistently clean clears away the buildup of damaging chemicals and dirt that may attack your car’s finish. Here are some tips from your friends at BuzzIn Auto Wash...

  • Wash your car every 10 days or right after a snow or rain event


  • Bugs: Did you know the acid in bug residue could eat away at your vehicle's surface?  It can, and the sun acturally cooks those bugs onto your car.  Try our Ultimate Wash featuring "BugBuster" to remove bugs and protect your finish.


  •  Sun: UV rays of the sun cause sunburn and those same rays will begin to dry out the clearcoat finish on your vehicle.  Any car exposed to the elements becomes dirty, stained, and dried-out.  Our special ClearCoat Sealant is designed to protect your behicle from the sun's harsh rays.  For added protection, we offer Lustrashield on our Ultimate Wash, which gives your vehicle a glossy coat.