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Car washes are a time-proven method of generating money for charitable organizations. Next time your group needs to host a car wash, contact us regarding our programs listed below.


Self-serve bay use - For those who like to have fun while they work, we'll arrange for your group to use one of our self-serve bays for a half day. We'll turn it on, and you may charge whatever fee you like. Great for putting your group in the public eye!


VIP Wash Card Sales - Whether your group can't perform the duties of washing cars (elementary school children, for example), or it's winter time, or perhaps you want a fundraiser that can run year 'round, offering our VIP Wash Cards is a great way to earn cash for your organization. Here's how it works - purchase $20 pre-loaded cards from us for only $15, then sell them for $20. That's $5 for every card sold! What a great way to earn money for you group while providing your supporters something they can really use.

Email us today with your basic contact info and we'll gladly contact you for specifics on your group's fundraising needs.