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Self-Serve Features

Now you can use coins, bills, or your credit card in each self-serve bay.

To use your credit card: Simply swipe your card to receive a minimum $5 charge for 12 minutes of professional cleaning options.  If you need more time, just keep washing and it will be added to your initial swipe.  The maximum transaction amount allowed per swipe is $15.  Press the red STOP button to end credit card transaction.

To give your vehicle a professional cleaning in our self-serve bays, simply follow the selector switch and apply each product, starting from the bottom of your vehicle and working up.  This allows the product to be applied evenly to the vehicle's surface.

Wheel Cleaner: (Low Pressure) Designed to clean the whitewalls and darken the tire.  When applying this product, you should see a brownish residue roll off each tire as it starts cleaning. Walk around your vehicle spraying each tire with product.

Tire Cleaner: (Low Pressure) Designed to cut away the brake dust that settles onto your tires and hubs. Again, walk around your vehicle spraying each tire with product.

BugGoo: (Low Pressure) Designed to remove bug splatters and bird droppings.  Apply product to front of vehicle, windshield area, backs of mirrors, and any place you have bird droppings.

Pre-Soak: (Low Pressure) Designed to cut through the build up of road film on your vehicle.  Much of what splatters onto your vehicle actually bonds to the clearcoat finish. Our presoak safely removes this build up.  The product has a fruity fragrance.  Walk slowly around your vehicle, spraying from the bottom up and covering your entire vehicle surface.

Bubble Brush: We use a special "Hogs Hair" brush head to protect your vehicle's surface. The rich, foaming cleanser has a cherry fragrance.  Brush in a circular pattern as you walk around your vehicle.

High Pressure Soap: Designed to blast away all of the dirt and road film that you just loosened up with the previous cleaning products.  Walk around your vehicle, spraying from the bottom up.

High Pressure Rinse:  We use softened water to rinse off the soap, dirt, and grime.  Softened water means we removed the calcium and magnesium.  This allows the water to slide evenly over your vehicle, giving a better rinse without leaving spots.

Tri-Color Conditioner:  Designed for clearcoat finishes, this product actually does three things: cleans, shines, and protects.  To best describe this, a clearcoat finish looks like a sponge with a lot of pores and tri-color works like an acne cleanser, by getting down into the pores, popping out the dirt, and increasing the shine.  After applying, switch back to High Pressure Rinse to agitate the surface and rinse the vehicle.

ClearCoat Sealant: (Medium Pressure) Designed to protect the clearcoat finish of your vehicle by coating your surface with a special polymer that acts like a UV protectant. The sun and weather can actually dry out your vehicle's surface and this added layer of protection will keep your vehicle looking newer, longer.

Spot Free Rinse: (Low Pressure) We not only softened this water, but we put it through a reverse osmosis process to remove all the minerals and total dissolved solids.  Simply to say, we removed the items from water that generally leave spots.

When finished, check out our vending machine up front so you can dry and detail the inside of your vehicle.  We also offer powerful vacuums, plus vacuums with fragrance and shampooer.

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Privacy Policy

We keep your personal information private and secure. When you make a purchase from our site, you provide
your name, email address, credit card information, address, phone number, and a password. We use this
information to process your orders, to keep you updated on your orders and to personalize your shopping
experience. We never sell or otherwise make available your private information to 3rd parties.

Returns & Refunds

Buzz In Auto Wash VIP Cards and VIP Wash Codes have no expiration date and are non-refundable. Wash fees
are also non-refundable. If your wash service is less than 100% satisfactory, please notify us as soon as possible
using our Contact information.

Terms & Conditions

VIP Cards are sent via First Class mail within 24 hours of your order on business days. Allow 3 - 7 days for delivery.
Shipping and handling are free.